How Does TikTok Help To Grow Other Social Channels?

How Does TikTok Help To Grow Other Social Channels?

If you are running a marketer who desires to expand your business, you may use TikTok to get more audience for other social media channels. TikTok has been used by many people worldwide for entertainment and business promotion. So you can use this eCommerce marketing plan to amplify your business. Many marketers opt to buy TikTok followers to amplify their reach. Get the audience from this platform and connect them with Instagram. How will you use TikTok to develop your Instagram or YouTube channel to increase sales? In this article, we create the necessary steps to build your TikTok account linked with other social media.

Add Instagram And YouTube Profile With TikTok Profile

Dealers can use TikTok videos to create trust among the audience about their eCommerce business. Do you want to reach more people? Then, add all your social media profiles, such as Instagram and YouTube channels, to TikTok. To connect these accounts, go to the edit profile. You will find the field where you can add Instagram and YouTube displayed at the bottom. Click on the Instagram tap to log in with your Instagram account and follow the same procedure for your YouTube account. However, you need permission from the TikTok account. You can entice your viewers to your Instagram account with this bit of innovative idea.

Make TikTok Video About Instagram Or YouTube Channel

Promote your other social channel through your TikTok video. Before starting Instagram, it is very enthusiastic about taking shorts on TikTok about what you will do. Creating engaging videos on this platform helps you follow your audience on Instagram and YouTube. Because you may post fun videos on TikTok, but you may follow technical standard videos on Instagram.

Use Other Social Media Content In The Caption

Use your TikTok audience in your other social media profile by describing a story on TikTok. You can convert this platform audience into Instagram followers to achieve this post’s valuable content. Are you an influencer using both accounts? Then, share a beauty tips video for a notable change on this platform. In this video, include your styling videos to reach a more audience. Use the caption, such as part two will be continued on Instagram. The target audience may be eager to watch the continuation on the Instagram account. You may go with home renovations, food recipes, and more for this kind of marketing. When your audience is available on Instagram, they may watch other videos posted by you.

Post Across All Your Channel

You can post the same videos on TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube at the starting stage. Knowing that you have started a new channel in the other social media engine will benefit you. Where will you share TikTok videos on different social media platforms? For publicity, share your videos on Instagram stories. It allows users to connect with your content across all platforms.

Similarly, you can post Instagram videos on TikTok to receive audience attention. Always use unique, funny, and original content for TikTok, and be yourself for the responsive audience. The main advantage of this platform is you can use relatable content so that followers will start to notice your other social channels.

Uniform Branding

To find and recognize both platforms, maintain a consistent brand on TikTok and other social media platforms. It provides flexibility to the customer, and they will identify you and your brand through your website and market listings. Your product should be noticeable, determined, and recalled by buyers. You can gain more revenue by selling the products. To attain that, you should create brand value and faith in front of people. While developing your social brand, it is crucial to watch your competitors. What are all the things to consider while posting content? Try to make the most compelling content and avoid messaging or pictures that perplex your audience.

Clear CTA To Follow On Social Media Channel

When making a TikTok video, include a text box that says “Text me on Instagram” and add your Instagram handle. Repeat your CTA for longer videos, such as a live stream throughout the video. It is the best way for most influencers to follow this technique for more followers. Do you have to encourage people on Instagram and YouTube and look for tactics to divert people from using another platform account? Insist the viewers, the videos will not be saved, so if you want insight into this video, follow Instagram.


If you have large TikTok followers, you should move some viewers to Instagram. Implement the tips mentioned above to expand followers and grab audience attention on other social media platforms. Monitor other social media engines, and also, if you want to make any changes, intimate it to your TikTok audience.

How To Enable Restricted Mode On TikTok?

How To Enable Restricted Mode On TikTok?

TikTok has been used by billions of people, from young kids to adults. Because of the increased number of users, the types of the video also diversified. For example, your kid may be interested in making short films and posting them on this platform. But sometimes, you may start to worry about your child’s activities and doubt whether strangers are approaching them. TikTok provides parent control options and privacy settings to restrict inappropriate videos away from your worries. Many brands can also buy TikTok fans to improve your reach flawlessly. Additionally, it allows you to lock down a child’s profile if you want to do it. Here, you will understand how to enable restricted mode on TikTok.

What Is Restricted Mode?

TikTok is an entertainment source for everyone, from young children to adolescents. The platform offers a safer online space and introduces limited mode options for parents. The restricted mode option is available in account settings, and you can limit the content that your kid should watch. However, you may hear from creators that some competitors marked content as inappropriate. It may happen because this platform will not show the content marked as unsuitable for young kids. Even though you will receive unnecessary content, this platform is working to resolve the problem.

Account Restrictions Based On Age

Kids under 13 can view videos, but they can’t read comments. TikTok allows them to send videos, and they will not collect personal information. Children whose age is between 13 to 15 can create a private account. They can post videos, but only their TikTok friends can see and pass comments about their videos. An unknown person can’t use their videos to make duets or stitch with your kid’s videos. In addition, strangers can’t send direct messages to this age group. The age group from 16 to 17 can open a public account, send direct messages and go live. However, they can’t use digital gift vouchers, restrictions for using this feature.

Family Paring Feature

TikTok has launched a novel feature called family pairing that enables parents to limit their usage on this platform. Parents can restrict direct messages, screen-time management, and use restricted mode. To do this, parents should have an account in this application to link their accounts with their children’s accounts. After pairing with the children’s account, they can control through ‘Digital Wellbeing’ and make changes in privacy settings. Your children can’t change the control without your permission. Follow the below steps to enable family safety mode:

  • Open your profile page
  • Click on the three-dot icon in the top right corner
  • Click on Digital wellbeing
  • Click on family pairing

How To Disable Restricted Mode Settings?

If you start to trust your child, you can disable the restricted mode. What will you do? You can disable the restricted mode according to your preference. Open digital wellbeing in your profile to disable this mode. Click on it, and it will ask you the PIN you had created while enabling the way. Once after entering your correct PIN, you can watch all the videos. Even after disabling it, you still get age-restricted access, then best contact TikTok customer support service to resolve your problem.

Screen Time Limits

TikTok account has its screen limits, you can restrict using a TikTok account from 40 minutes to two hours. After some days or months, if you wish, you can disable the time limit by entering the password. Below are the steps to turn on-screen time limits:

  • Open TikTok Profile
  • Go to settings
  • Click Digital well being and click on screen time management
  • Set time limit between 40 minutes to 120 minutes

Is It Possible To Change Your Age On TikTok?

No, it is impossible to change your age on TikTok. The minimum age to open your account is 13. The platform has an additional feature to regulate what type of content people are watching. When this application shows that the content is age-restricted, try to modify your account’s privacy settings. Afterward, you can watch all videos according to your needs.

How To Report Problems On TikTok?

You can report the problem through this application when you face any issue.

  • Navigate TikTok profile
  • Click on settings and privacy
  • Report a problem
  • Select whether you have a problem with video or sound
  • Comment Video not playing properly
  • At the end of the process, click no
  • Click on Need more help
  • Explain your issue and submit

TikTok customer support services will respond to your problems in a few days. You can approach them through your feedback. Give your contact information and select the “Report a bug/ Feature Request” topic.


Follow the steps mentioned above to use a restricted mode that keeps your child away from inappropriate videos on TikTok. Hopefully, you will understand how to limit time management and limited mode features from this article. In addition, if you suspect another person is using your account or their comments are unnecessary, you can report their activities.

5 Ways To Remove A Watermark On TikTok

5 Ways To Remove A Watermark On TikTok

TikTok is well known to everyone because of its video-sharing feature, and users can upload and watch short videos. TikTok has provided the facility to save videos without any further procedures. However, watermarking might be present in this saved video from the upper left-hand side to the lower right-hand side. Sometimes you have to use these videos if you’re going to remove them. Many marketers may also buy TikTok fans to develop their profile’s growth organically.

How will you remove this watermark? Is it possible to extract a TikToker username and logo from a video? Yes, possibilities are there. You can remove the watermarking from any TikTok video with some techniques. Keep on reading this article to remove the watermark from your TikTok videos.

What Is The TikTok Watermark?

A watermark is a graphical image or text included at the top of a video. The reason behind this is to reveal the source of the image so that you can’t post it again without acknowledgment. Tiktok incorporates this watermarking with the logo, and they may mention their username. You should not post others’ content without their attribution because content stealing may create a crisis and is unethical. In addition, TikTok includes a bouncing watermark that moves during video playtime. Some people also opt to buy TikTok likes to advance their reach effortlessly.

Crop Out The Watermark

Cropping the watermark in this platform is the foremost approach for removing it. Watermarks may appear in two locations. First, you have to crop out the videos. The text in the TikTok video is designed to crop from this result. Therefore, there is a need for another program to facilitate this crop-out function. Search for the video crop feature available in the app store on your phone. In this scenario, you may not even require a lot of whistles and bells, and you can accomplish this with the primary program to extract the video. Is there any watermark remover app available? Yes. The user wishes to choose the high rating video crop app for their android or apple phones.

Make Use Of the Watermark Remover App

When you browse the internet, you may find all sorts of remover applications specially designed for TikTok. The range of possible choices may be overwhelming. How do you pick one? Search about the remover app once before you use this application. Some of the apps frame to curate a predefined stored collection of watermark with downloading option you can use it. There is a range of apps available for android and ios apps. These apps help to remove the added watermarks in images and videos. A video remover app may have the feature to remove logos and icons from the video. Even though these applications are free to use, this app may be disturbed by ads. If you want to draw more watermarks from the video, you can better get a subscription. The remover apps may include the scheduling and forwarding function and the watermark facility. Your app may allow caption modification, hashtags, and scheduled posts to your Tik Tok account.

Remove TikTok Watermark On Windows

The created watermarking was removed effectively with free converter apps. This app will convert video, audio, image, and files. Application released with trimming, cropping, splitting, and removing logos. Dragging and encircling the watermark before cutting it helps remove the watermark from the TikTok.

Download Without Watermark Online

Are you looking for a way to save TikTok without a watermark? This app helps you to download the image without a watermark. If you are not ready to download this app, you can do work online. It is also possible with advanced innovative apps. You can use websites that remove watermarks while downloading. But, this application is not affiliated with the existing TikTok account. In case of any update in the TikTok app, these tools will not work.

Hide Watermark

Watermarking of the TikTok video covered with other images or text. Are you uploading the TikTok video to reels? Then you can include graphics and text and then load it into your Instagram account. The text or graphics you added will hide the existing watermark. However, remember to hide the watermark in both places( lower right corner and upper left corner.


The watermark is highly intrusive, and it may distract your audience from the original content. Additionally, removing the watermark from the TikTok video with a trusted app assures the video quality. However, you may remove the TikTok watermark using apps available online. The above-mentioned simple methods help remove TikTok. Review carefully before choosing an appropriate way to remove the watermarks from the downloaded TikTok video.

An Ultimate Guide To Live Shopping On TikTok

An Ultimate Guide To Live Shopping On TikTok

In a short period, TikTok has changed into a favorite social media platform for almost all generations. The trending move to online shopping diverted most users from purchasing from social media platforms. Live stream shopping has been introduced in this platform, letting users buy the desired products by joining the live streaming event. By connecting from this platform and also leveraging SMM services, you can connect to massive audiences and communities to promote your brands. Therefore, most top brands are starting to sell their products in mass communities.

  • How to buy products from the live shop on TikTok?
  • How to create a live shop on TikTok?

In this post, we will share the techniques and features available to do live shopping on TikTok. If you find it harder to get started, read out this guide.

What Is Live Shopping?

Live shopping allows showcasing their brands in front of a massive crowd through live streaming videos. Do you want to purchase the products through live shopping? Then, participate in the event without leaving the application. By doing this, a brand can interact with customers and engage them till the end of the video. It is almost similar to the home shopping network, but the reach is more extensive, and many people use TikTok, from the young generation to the adults. The application has a wide path to connect with prominent community people and divert new generations of audiences to their accounts.

Live Features

Going to live stream allows creators to engage them, and it attracts your captivated audience. The application provides different ways to maximize user experience and will enable them to interact with creators. However, you should reach at least 1000 followers to employ this feature. Many businesses also use SMM panel to enhance your reputation on the growing TikTok channel. Can you effectively use this feature? Read here, and the guide will help you to access this feature.

  • Intimate before conducting the live event and ask them to signup.
  • You can save this live video for 90 days in the application.
  • Activate the Q&A option during a live event, and this feature helps to answer the audience’s questions.
  • Users may send virtual gifts to your account. These gifts get stored in your wallet, and you can take out these amounts by forwarding them to your defined bank account.

How To Purchase Products From TikTok Shop?

When you are interested in TikTok shopping but don’t understand the procedures involved in purchasing the product, take your phone and follow the instructions mentioned here.

  • Go to the TikTok account.
  • Visit the official store to buy the product.
  • Search for the shop, and you will find a list of shops. Choose one among the best shops by tapping on the “shop” icon.
  • Click on the items you can choose the product related to your store.
  • After collecting it, click on the Buy now button available in the lower right corner of your account.
  • Fill in your address on the ‘order summary’ page, including colors and items.
  • Select one of the payment methods among the seven payment option such as Gopay, credit card, funds, etc.

Can You Purchase During The Live Streaming Event?

Yes, you can purchase the products during the live streaming event. Creators and online stores can benefit from the live streaming event, and you can promote your products here. Social media promotions save your money and time, so purchase products during the live stream. First, you should go to the application, and you will notice the effects in the small window in the bottom right corner. Press on the ‘Buy now button’ if you like that product. Then, as stated earlier, fill in your delivery address and choose the payment mode convenient for you to pay.

Perks Of TikTok Live Shopping

Everyone enjoys buying products from live shopping mode in this online shopping world. Four groups of people want the availability of this feature. First, the application generates revenue by increasing sales and tracking the customer. It is the best path for a content writer to promote their brand product and create the video content according to their niche. A few decades before, brands wasted an amount advertising their products. Now it is resolved that they can promote their products to a highly populated, captivated audience. Brands are currently collaborating with influencers to sell their products, and they will get a commission from the brands. TikTok has proven that brands can generate leads via their engaging live stream.

At last, individual users will benefit from participating in the live streams because this platform is the go-to-hub for users who want to search for products and services. However, according to the survey, the return of products is 50% less than the product bought off a live stream compared with the other social commerce channels.

Final Thought

Social media has permanently been embedding new technologies in their applications. For example, TikTok has taken the latest online shopping habits to promote live selling on TikTok. Small businesses can take this opportunity to sell their products via this massive community social media platform. You can create a shop manually or use the paid platform to sell unique and interactive products. The engaging, immersive, and actual video inspires people to buy your brand products.

How To Use The TikTok Hashtag To Grow Your Business?

How To Use The TikTok Hashtag To Grow Your Business?

When you plan to grow your business, it is essential to make great TikTok content. Is it necessary to use hashtags? Yes, it is another way to get people to reach your business. But in case you plan to use the TikTok hashtag to help your editing tools, you will be on your way to success. You are probably aware of TikTok, the viral video application that has been used among Smartphone users off their feet. Many people have downloaded it, and this is allowed in several countries. Many businesses can buy TikTok likes to develop their recognition globally. Because TikTok is highly packed with content and has many users, you should spend some effort to stand out your videos. Here are some ways to use the TikTok hashtag to grow your business.

TikTok Hashtag

TikTok hashtags help users find certain video content uploaded to the platform by some industry, influencer, or ordinary person. For instance, consider someone searching on TikTok for the hashtag #food can get video content related to some popular food items. TikTok doesn’t restrict the number of hashtags used by the user. Therefore, you can use hashtags according to your niche.

Choose Relevant Hashtags

Suppose you observe which hashtags influencers and competitors in your niche utilize in the most popular posts while searching the internet. To fetch the related hashtags, you have to use hashtag-creating tools. You can choose the best hashtag that encourages your customer to buy products. The hashtag which is not relevant to your niche will not work well.

Mix And Match Hashtags

When you are surfing for the viral posts of industry leaders, you may notice that they usually won’t use the same hashtags on each one. Their hashtag choice appears to modify frequently, to track the attention of the different audiences with the relevant content or assure that they are capturing because people may search for the same content.

Create A Community

You are not only using the TikTok algorithm to know what kind of video you are using. In addition, you can use specific hashtags on TikTok that build a community. TikTok’s For You page usually detects the content enjoyed by the user. The users who watch videos with the hashtags you included start to see your videos on TikTok.

The more hashtags you use from this positive move, the higher the number of likes, comments, and followers you will get. What do you need more than that? You are forming together a group of people that listen to your words. You should also use your own branded hashtags and use them effectively. It is a fabulous way to gather and share user-like content.

Combine Trending Hashtags With Niche Hashtags

Popular and trending tags are excellent for reaching a group’s targeted audience, but they are also highly competitive. Unless your account already has huge followers, you will not notice. On the other hand, niche hashtags might help you reach out to people who are already interested in what you will say. They are also less competitive, making it easier to find your content.

You have to combine both types of hashtags to achieve the best of both worlds. Therefore, you focus on increasing your visibility of trending and popular hashtags.

Investigate Industry Leaders And Your Competitors

You need not give preference to copying your competitor, but you should keep an eye on the competition. Is their audience interested in what they are saying? Researching which hashtags they are using can give you some idea about what others in your industry are using, which will encourage you to try to reach more audiences.

If the method is working for your competitors, it will work for you. You should start by making a list of the hashtags they are using and deciding that they are appropriate to your content.

Simultaneously, examine your competitor’s strategies that help to see what works well for them. Always use the method of your competitor that goes viral. Their hashtags will help you reach more people and have a deep search before using them.

Wrapping Up

The effective TikTok hashtags strategies will help you grow your business on this platform. A little effort and planning will improve your online presence, and your brand will spread worldwide. In addition, you may get new followers through hashtags. After some time, they will turn into customers.