How To Enable Restricted Mode On TikTok?

How To Enable Restricted Mode On TikTok?

TikTok has been used by billions of people, from young kids to adults. Because of the increased number of users, the types of the video also diversified. For example, your kid may be interested in making short films and posting them on this platform. But sometimes, you may start to worry about your child’s activities and doubt whether strangers are approaching them. TikTok provides parent control options and privacy settings to restrict inappropriate videos away from your worries. Many brands can also buy TikTok fans to improve your reach flawlessly. Additionally, it allows you to lock down a child’s profile if you want to do it. Here, you will understand how to enable restricted mode on TikTok.

What Is Restricted Mode?

TikTok is an entertainment source for everyone, from young children to adolescents. The platform offers a safer online space and introduces limited mode options for parents. The restricted mode option is available in account settings, and you can limit the content that your kid should watch. However, you may hear from creators that some competitors marked content as inappropriate. It may happen because this platform will not show the content marked as unsuitable for young kids. Even though you will receive unnecessary content, this platform is working to resolve the problem.

Account Restrictions Based On Age

Kids under 13 can view videos, but they can’t read comments. TikTok allows them to send videos, and they will not collect personal information. Children whose age is between 13 to 15 can create a private account. They can post videos, but only their TikTok friends can see and pass comments about their videos. An unknown person can’t use their videos to make duets or stitch with your kid’s videos. In addition, strangers can’t send direct messages to this age group. The age group from 16 to 17 can open a public account, send direct messages and go live. However, they can’t use digital gift vouchers, restrictions for using this feature.

Family Paring Feature

TikTok has launched a novel feature called family pairing that enables parents to limit their usage on this platform. Parents can restrict direct messages, screen-time management, and use restricted mode. To do this, parents should have an account in this application to link their accounts with their children’s accounts. After pairing with the children’s account, they can control through ‘Digital Wellbeing’ and make changes in privacy settings. Your children can’t change the control without your permission. Follow the below steps to enable family safety mode:

  • Open your profile page
  • Click on the three-dot icon in the top right corner
  • Click on Digital wellbeing
  • Click on family pairing

How To Disable Restricted Mode Settings?

If you start to trust your child, you can disable the restricted mode. What will you do? You can disable the restricted mode according to your preference. Open digital wellbeing in your profile to disable this mode. Click on it, and it will ask you the PIN you had created while enabling the way. Once after entering your correct PIN, you can watch all the videos. Even after disabling it, you still get age-restricted access, then best contact TikTok customer support service to resolve your problem.

Screen Time Limits

TikTok account has its screen limits, you can restrict using a TikTok account from 40 minutes to two hours. After some days or months, if you wish, you can disable the time limit by entering the password. Below are the steps to turn on-screen time limits:

  • Open TikTok Profile
  • Go to settings
  • Click Digital well being and click on screen time management
  • Set time limit between 40 minutes to 120 minutes

Is It Possible To Change Your Age On TikTok?

No, it is impossible to change your age on TikTok. The minimum age to open your account is 13. The platform has an additional feature to regulate what type of content people are watching. When this application shows that the content is age-restricted, try to modify your account’s privacy settings. Afterward, you can watch all videos according to your needs.

How To Report Problems On TikTok?

You can report the problem through this application when you face any issue.

  • Navigate TikTok profile
  • Click on settings and privacy
  • Report a problem
  • Select whether you have a problem with video or sound
  • Comment Video not playing properly
  • At the end of the process, click no
  • Click on Need more help
  • Explain your issue and submit

TikTok customer support services will respond to your problems in a few days. You can approach them through your feedback. Give your contact information and select the “Report a bug/ Feature Request” topic.


Follow the steps mentioned above to use a restricted mode that keeps your child away from inappropriate videos on TikTok. Hopefully, you will understand how to limit time management and limited mode features from this article. In addition, if you suspect another person is using your account or their comments are unnecessary, you can report their activities.

How To Enable Restricted Mode On TikTok?