An Ultimate Guide To Live Shopping On TikTok

An Ultimate Guide To Live Shopping On TikTok

In a short period, TikTok has changed into a favorite social media platform for almost all generations. The trending move to online shopping diverted most users from purchasing from social media platforms. Live stream shopping has been introduced in this platform, letting users buy the desired products by joining the live streaming event. By connecting from this platform and also leveraging SMM services, you can connect to massive audiences and communities to promote your brands. Therefore, most top brands are starting to sell their products in mass communities.

  • How to buy products from the live shop on TikTok?
  • How to create a live shop on TikTok?

In this post, we will share the techniques and features available to do live shopping on TikTok. If you find it harder to get started, read out this guide.

What Is Live Shopping?

Live shopping allows showcasing their brands in front of a massive crowd through live streaming videos. Do you want to purchase the products through live shopping? Then, participate in the event without leaving the application. By doing this, a brand can interact with customers and engage them till the end of the video. It is almost similar to the home shopping network, but the reach is more extensive, and many people use TikTok, from the young generation to the adults. The application has a wide path to connect with prominent community people and divert new generations of audiences to their accounts.

Live Features

Going to live stream allows creators to engage them, and it attracts your captivated audience. The application provides different ways to maximize user experience and will enable them to interact with creators. However, you should reach at least 1000 followers to employ this feature. Many businesses also use SMM panel to enhance your reputation on the growing TikTok channel. Can you effectively use this feature? Read here, and the guide will help you to access this feature.

  • Intimate before conducting the live event and ask them to signup.
  • You can save this live video for 90 days in the application.
  • Activate the Q&A option during a live event, and this feature helps to answer the audience’s questions.
  • Users may send virtual gifts to your account. These gifts get stored in your wallet, and you can take out these amounts by forwarding them to your defined bank account.

How To Purchase Products From TikTok Shop?

When you are interested in TikTok shopping but don’t understand the procedures involved in purchasing the product, take your phone and follow the instructions mentioned here.

  • Go to the TikTok account.
  • Visit the official store to buy the product.
  • Search for the shop, and you will find a list of shops. Choose one among the best shops by tapping on the “shop” icon.
  • Click on the items you can choose the product related to your store.
  • After collecting it, click on the Buy now button available in the lower right corner of your account.
  • Fill in your address on the ‘order summary’ page, including colors and items.
  • Select one of the payment methods among the seven payment option such as Gopay, credit card, funds, etc.

Can You Purchase During The Live Streaming Event?

Yes, you can purchase the products during the live streaming event. Creators and online stores can benefit from the live streaming event, and you can promote your products here. Social media promotions save your money and time, so purchase products during the live stream. First, you should go to the application, and you will notice the effects in the small window in the bottom right corner. Press on the ‘Buy now button’ if you like that product. Then, as stated earlier, fill in your delivery address and choose the payment mode convenient for you to pay.

Perks Of TikTok Live Shopping

Everyone enjoys buying products from live shopping mode in this online shopping world. Four groups of people want the availability of this feature. First, the application generates revenue by increasing sales and tracking the customer. It is the best path for a content writer to promote their brand product and create the video content according to their niche. A few decades before, brands wasted an amount advertising their products. Now it is resolved that they can promote their products to a highly populated, captivated audience. Brands are currently collaborating with influencers to sell their products, and they will get a commission from the brands. TikTok has proven that brands can generate leads via their engaging live stream.

At last, individual users will benefit from participating in the live streams because this platform is the go-to-hub for users who want to search for products and services. However, according to the survey, the return of products is 50% less than the product bought off a live stream compared with the other social commerce channels.

Final Thought

Social media has permanently been embedding new technologies in their applications. For example, TikTok has taken the latest online shopping habits to promote live selling on TikTok. Small businesses can take this opportunity to sell their products via this massive community social media platform. You can create a shop manually or use the paid platform to sell unique and interactive products. The engaging, immersive, and actual video inspires people to buy your brand products.

An Ultimate Guide To Live Shopping On TikTok