TMP – Potusgeist

Like the previous Alien Power Grid and Access Forever episodes, Will and his good pal Tommy are again joined by their good pal Chad Kultgen as the three come up with yet another movie or TV show… but movie, probably. And there’s inevitably some sort of sci-fi or paranormal element. And obviously there’s gotta be a presidential theme in there for no good reason.

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TMP+ – Owen Wilson and Robert De Niro Meditation

Time for another Ten Minute Podcast PLUS episode. It’s called that because it’s long. Okay, so anyway.

Will welcomes his good pal Melissa Villaseñor back to the podcast. Or rather, she welcomes him. Today’s show is an entire episode of The Melissa Show, wherein Owen Wilson takes Robert De Niro through some guided meditation. This is the most fun kind of dumb and three times longer than a regular TMP episode so that means extra fun dumb. Prepare to be relaxed, but not really.

Runtime: 00:31:27

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TMP – Jesse Ventura

The one and only Jesse Ventura sits in for Will and shows Tommy Blacha and Chad Kultgen exactly why The Body is now The Mind!

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TMP – White Flight

Will welcomes his good pal Matt Braunger back to the show to talk about his new web series, White Flight. And then the two get sorta passive aggressive with each other.

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TMP – The Steven Seagal Show – Ep. 4 Bryan Callen

The last time I did The Steven Seagal Show, I said this guy better not be my guest on the next Steven Seagal Show but here’s this guy again. Sure would be great to have some different guests on The Steven Seagal Show but whatever, who cares. Not me, Steven Seagal. Anyway, Happy Birthday to whoever this guy is from The Steven Seagal Show.

Sincerely, Steven Seagal

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TMP – Depressed Arnold Schwarzenegger

Tommy tries to cheer up the very bummed out seven time Mr. Olympia, two time Governor of California and all time box office champion, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

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TMP – Phone Improv

Improv is sweeping the nation! Will and Tommy take calls from loyal listeners and make them do some fun improv!

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TMP – Getting Mad

Will takes listener calls about the recent MADtv 20th Anniversary Reunion Special and gets all super pissed off at his good pal Marshall Cook who is sitting on the couch being all super pissed off too and maybe he’s got a point about stuff but then also who cares.

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TMP – Worst of TMP 8

Will shares unheard clips from yet another completely and thoroughly awful episode that never aired.

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TMP – Pete Sechelowski’s Wrestleplace Ep. 784

Your number one news wrestling source for all wrestling news, pay per view, WWE Network views, dirt sheets, wrestling opinions, views and opinions across all federations and beyond. Today Pete Sechelowski counts down his top three wrestler’s ring attire of all time.

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