TMP – Let’s Not Say Anything

Will and Tommy Blacha say some things and Will excitedly engages his loyal listeners and then they both decide not to say anything and then they say a few more things.

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Will and Tommy Blacha ask their loyal listeners to call in and let them know… WHAT’S! IN! YOUR (their)! FRIDGE!

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TMP – The King and His Lovely Servant

Will and Chris D’Elia talk about dramatic acting, dramatic hat acting, dramatic action acting, and what a movie starring The Rock and Chris might be like.

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TMP – So?

Chad Kultgen wants to talk about futuristic stuff but Tommy Blacha and Will barely give a crap.

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TMP – Encroachment

Like the Alien Power Grid, Access Forever, and Potusgeist episodes that preceded it, today’s show once again sees Will joined by Tommy Blacha and Chad Kultgen as the three come up with yet another blockbuster movie that may or may not get made someday… but probably maybe may.

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TMP – Crunchy Chips

Tommy Blacha eats some crunchy chips and Chad Kultgen eats some crunchy chips too and Will also eats some crunchy chips as well. Also, everyone talks.

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TMP – Pete Sechelowski’s Wrestleplace Ep. 972

Your number one wrestling source for all wrestling news, pay per view, wrestling news source, dirt sheets, through all federations and beyond. Today Pete Sechelowski counts down his top three underrated wrestlers of all time.

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TMP – Snapchat and Leo DiCaprio and an Orange Shirt

Chris D’Elia joins Will and the two ol’ pals discuss everything from Snapchat, to a pair of shoes that Will bought, to what those shoes would look like on Will if paired with an orange shirt, to what it would look like if listeners photoshopped Will wearing those shoes and that orange shirt with Chris in the background saying, “attaboy” in a word bubble, to Leonardo DiCaprio’s Oscar win and how annoying everyone across the internet made it… except for Leo of course.

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TMP – Donald Trump is Just Like You and Me

Tommy Blacha sits in for Will and again welcomes his dear pal, business mogul and Republican Presidential frontrunner, Donald Trump. Such a regular and pleasant fellow. So weird.

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TMP – Big Brown Telling Us What the F**k to Do

Will’s dear pals Bryan Callen and Brendan Schaub, from The Fighter and the Kid, are back and… Big Brown makes Bryan and Will… do… some stuff.

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