TMP – The NEW Art

Will “The Chief Engineer of Laughter and Cheer” Sasso, Chad “No God” Kultgen, and Tommy “No Joke” Blacha appreciate you. Long live Ten Minute Podcast.

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TMP+ – Encroachment Official Script

Remember the film, Encroachment, the guys dreamt up as they have so many other blockbuster movie ideas? Chad Kultgen wrote a scene from that highly anticipated project and the guys want YOU to shoot it, animate it, perform it with puppets, whatever… just follow the script (attached below) and make it great (but probably shooting it, casting your pals around you would be best, or get De Niro and Giamatti). Also, we’re gonna post this stuff on our site or maybe we’ll start a YouTube channel dedicated to it or maybe we’ll hold an actual lil’ screening festival to feature all the pieces. Who knows, let’s see where it goes, but FIRST you gotta adapt No God’s script to the screen. Oh and also, Tommy Blacha and Will have some notes and Will messed up some stuff and it’s a PLUS episode because W’PPRECIATECHA!

Runtime: 00:22:43

Encroachment Scene – Shooting Script

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TMP+ – Dear TMP Pt. 12

Affecting positive change. That’s what Ten Minute Podcast’s Dear TMP series has always done and that’s what Ten Minute Podcast’s Dear TMP series will always do. Affect positive change. We’re affecting positive change at Ten Minute Podcast. And Ten Minute Podcast’s Dear TMP series is helping to affect that positive change. Will, Chad Kultgen, and Tommy Blacha take your personal advice calls. And affect positive change. Affecting positive change the Ten Minute Podcast way. With Dear TMP. Ten Minute Podcast’s Dear TMP series. Oh, and it’s a PLUS episode because it goes a little bit over. That’s just some of the positive change that’s been affected when Ten Minute Podcast’s Dear TMP series affects positive change.

Runtime: 00:16:16

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TMP – The Filipino Guy from Journey

Will reads some iTunes reviews. Tommy Blacha and Chad Kultgen are the Filipino guy from Journey.

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TMP – Donald Trump is Slightly More Donald Trumpish This Time

Chad Kultgen and Tommy Blacha sit in for Will and welcome back return guest, business mogul and Republican Presidential Nominee, Donald Trump. After several appearances on the podcast, it seems The Donald is still happy to just chill and be his normal, usual, run of the mill, every day, average chum self of a dude man bro guy, but also he’s kinda sorta a little bit more like the usual Trump we’re used to seeing out there in the media. Guess we’ll have to stay tuned for a dozen or more episodes to see what happens hahaha or not haaaaa or maybe or not or or or HA HA HA!!! Ha heh. And there’s cheese in this one.

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TMP+ – Hey Yo Elon Musk

Will starts things off with an impersonation of former professional wrestler, Scott Hall. Tommy Blacha happily joins in the fun. Chad Kultgen wants to discuss Elon Musk’s plans to colonize Mars.

Runtime: 00:16:17

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TMP – The Googled

Like the Alien Power Grid, Access Forever, Potusgeist, Encroachment, H3O, Ronald McReagan, Born on the Cob, and Womanchurian Candidate episodes before it, Will, Chad Kultgen, and Tommy Blacha conjure up YET ANOTHER mega hit movie in TEN MINUTES that will TOTALLY get made. All of the movies they come up with will 100% no doubt get made so get ready to see this movie in the theaters or on demand and/or/also wherever you see movies because this is a real movie and it’s a real movie that’s getting made for real.

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TMP – Pete Sechelowski’s Wrestleplace Ep. 1000

Your number one wrestling news source for all wrestling news, pay per views, WWE Network, and dirtsheets, across the wrestling wrestle, WWE Universe, pay per views, and indie circuits, and beyond. Today Pete Sechelowski counts down his top three championship belts of all time.

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TMP+ – Chewers, Fighters, Friends

While off in Boston shooting Super Troopers 2, Will sat in with his good pals Kevin Heffernan and Steve Lemme on their podcast, Chewin’ It. And as a way to honor two of the five hilarious men responsible for many hours of Broken Lizard entertainment, not to mention welcoming him aboard their latest movie, Will hijacked their podcast to record today’s episode of TMP. A tactic he also recently employed while visiting his dear buddies, Bryan Callen and Brendan Schaub, over at The Fighter and The Kid… so there’s an episode of that too… because this is one o’ them PLUS episodes… so it’s two episodes.

Runtime: 00:22:25

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TMP – Tommy Comedy

The guys have an unfunny conversation about comedy. Tommy Blacha hates comedy and the word “comedy.” Chad Kultgen believes comedy is currently and widely an insincere expression. Will also says things.

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