TMP – Superhero S**t Sound

Will makes Chad and Tommy wait a little while before starting the show… just hold on… they just have to hold on a little bit. Oh, and then the guys discuss the superhero s**t sound. “KAR-THOOM!!!”

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TMP – Donald Trump is Thankful

Chad and Tommy welcome back return guest and friend to the show, President Elect Donald Trump. Having now secured the presidency, The Don is feeling very thankful and wants to hear what loyal listeners of his favorite podcast are thankful for. We’re still in disbelief, not only that TMP is Donald Trump’s favorite podcast, but also that he’s able to find enough free time (now away from his mounting responsibilities, not to mention The Secret Service) to visit us and just sorta chew the fat. Hahaha, so weird. HAHA! Ha haaaaa. Ha. Ha. Ha.

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TMP – Canadian Chocolate

Will gives Chad and Tommy some Canadian chocolate bars and then they all talk about absolutely nothing.

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TMP – A Big Brown and Mary Stuart Foley Thanksgiving

Two days after Will appeared on his dear pals Bryan Callen and Brendan Schaub’s mighty podcast opus, The Fighter and The Kid, Will invites them back to TMP… but Bry doesn’t show up, sending a familiar friend to the podcast in his stead. Happy Thanksgiving and sorry.

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TMP – We Die

Tommy’s glasses remind Chad of a movie, Will brings up a theory, and… “we don’t care.”

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TMP – S**tty Surrogate Santa

Chad tries to tell a childhood story about Santa Claus or a surrogate Santa Claus or whatever he says. Will and Tommy jump on Chad’s use of the word “surrogate” for no real reason, and then they decide not to let Chad finish his story at all. If you’re a loyal listener of the podcast, you probably already know how they intend to disrupt him. Finally, Tommy and Will kinda let Chad finish sorta.

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TMP+ – Will’s Adorable Italian Mother for President

A very special Ten Minute Podcast PLUS episode! Will’s adorable little cute sweet nice tiny teeny tiny sweet little nice little cute nice cute Italian Mom makes her fifth appearance on the show and announces her bid for the 2020 US presidential race, via the Tutto Va Party. That’s Italian. And so is she. She’s also Canadian. And a senior citizen. Anyway, she’s still the right person for the job, unless you hate lasagna. Oh, and please tweet your Make America Lasagna Again hat photoshops to @TenMinPod. You’ll understand when you hear the show. Enjoy the new national anthem.

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TMP – Canadian Brad Returns

Oh right on! Oh right on! OHHH RRRRRIGHT ON!!! After over a year away, Canadian Brad is sooo stoked to be back on his favorite podcast. Tommy and Chad happily welcome back Will’s old pal to sit in.

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TMP – Late Night Chats with Chad – Ep. 2

If you heard the first Late Night Chats with Chad, you know that sometimes the guys record late late and night. That’s why it’s time for some of that Late Night Chats with Chad time this time. As per usual, Chad’s late night sidekicks, Will and Tommy, are up too late and not doing well by it. Time to hand the reins over to No God for those chats that can only happen late at night. Chad loves to chat with our loyal listeners about anything and everything. It’s so late. So so late when they recorded this. Very late at night.

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TMP – S**tty Major Tom

Tommy, Chad, and Will talk about space travel and stuff like that. Arnold Schwarzenegger and S**tty Arnold Schwarzenegger help to explain light speed, and also sing a little bit.

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