TMP+ – Dear TMP Pt. 15

Chad, Tommy, and Will continue to affect positive change with their Dear TMP series. You might be wondering how much positive change they can possibly bring about in one episode… and you’d be correct. Also, it’s a PLUS episode because the last caller needed a lot of positive change affected but not really and whatever.

Runtime: 00:14:39

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TMP – Glurg You So

Chad wants to go to lunch with any listener willing to have a multiple hour conversation about the futility of life. Tommy and Will talk about poo.

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TMP+ – Pee Pantsing Corntest

Chad, Tommy, and Will overflow into a special PLUS episode like metric milliliters of Canadian urine streaming from the pants of a large cornfed boy. “Full charge.” This will (barely) make sense after you hear the show.

Runtime: 00:38:23

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TMP – Stone Cold Steve Austin Reading Tommy’s Lists

It’s been just about a year since Stone Cold Steve Austin read some lists on the podcast. Everyone loves it when Austin reads lists so Tommy took it upon himself to write a few lists for Stone Cold to read. Enjoy listening to Steve reading these lists. Chad didn’t write any of the lists nor does he get to read any of the lists. Maybe he will read or write some lists in the future. But for now this is Stone Cold Steve Austin reading some lists that Tommy wrote.

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TMP – It’s Our Fault

Will starts recording without Chad and Tommy knowing because he wasn’t recording before when they thought he might have been recording but that’s when he for real couldn’t start recording yet so then by the time he started recording he figured he may as well wait a bit before dropping the theme song in so then that way Chad and Tommy know Will’s recording. Make sense? K, cool.

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TMP – Late Night Chats with Chad – Ep. 4

If you heard the first Late Night Chats with Chad, you know that sometimes the guys record late late at night. Late at night is the best time of night for Late Night Chats with Chad. As per usual, Chad’s late night sidekicks, Will and Tommy, are also up too late. They’re great sidekicks who are just there to support Chad, who is the host of Late Night Chats with Chad. Chad loves to chat with our loyal listeners about anything and everything. It’s so late though. Maybe even later than usual. So late in fact, the guys wonder if they’ll even get one caller. But when they do, boy do they ever hang onto him. Wow, it’s so late at night. Thanks Hotdog Ryan! You’re a good friend of the show and w’ppreciatecha! It’s so late. Very late at night in this one. So so late.

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TMP – Tommy’s Play or Short Film

Tommy writes a play or short film. Tommy, Chad, and Will read it. Chad and Will do not like this play or short film.

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TMP – Los Animales de Drogas

Like the Alien Power Grid, Access Forever, Potusgeist, Encroachment, H3O, Ronald McReagan, Born on the Cob, Womanchurian Candidate, The Googled, A Nuclear Christmas, and Villero: First Mentally Ill Robot episodes before it, Chad, Tommy, and Will spitball ANOTHER mega blockbuster hit movie idea in only THREE MINUTES… because Tommy takes the first seven minutes to share some box office returns from the guys’ several hit movies. Very exciting.

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TMP – Play the Game

Chad and Tommy want to keep the conversation fresh and hit the ground running when they record, preferring not to converse beforehand, thereby wasting a perfectly good conversation between three friends that should instead obviously be recorded in podcast form. Will is happy to play the game.

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TMP – Trump is High as S**t

Chad, Tommy, and the 45th President of the United States of America celebrate the inaguration with a weekend long bender.

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