TMP – Nostalgia and Coco Libre

Chad Kultgen shares his thoughts on the 20 year nostalgia cycle. Tommy Blacha becomes a German professor named, “Coco Libre” because whatever. Will does a very annoying voice also.

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TMP – Dear TMP Pt. 11

It’s been three years since the last Dear TMP. A lot has changed in the interim, but one thing that hasn’t is Ten Minute Podcast’s commitment to affecting positive change in the lives of its beloved listenership. Will, Tommy Blacha, and Chad Kultgen take your personal advice calls.

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TMP – S**tty Arnold

There’s Will’s Arnold Schwarzenegger and then there’s Tommy Blacha’s S**tty Arnold Schwarzenegger. Chad Kultgen has questions.

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TMP – Born on the Cob

Like the Alien Power Grid, Access Forever, Potusgeist, Encroachment, H3O, and Ronald McReagan episodes before it, Will, Chad Kultgen, and Tommy Blacha dream up yet another hit movie which will absolutely get made and that’s a fact. All of the movies they come up with in ten minutes will 100% totally get made and that is VERY factual because all of them are THAT good.

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TMP – Jerrbill Seinsby

Will, Tommy Blacha, and Chad Kultgen talk about the Olympics, but barely because who cares and then it’s Berry Cosfeld time. Haha whaaat?! Woohoo!!

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TMP – Let’s Talk to One Caller

Tommy Blacha, Chad Kultgen, and Will set out to have a mellow conversation with one caller, and only one caller, and that’s what they do. Thanks so much for being a loyal listener and for talking to us, Richard. ‘PREESH!

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TMP – Pals and Letterman’s Lobe and Chad

Chad Kultgen welcomes back everyone’s favorite podcasting puppet and a chunk of the legendary former host of Late Night and The Late Show’s brain in a jar! That’s right, it’s TMP’s official mascot, Pals, and David Letterman’s temporal lobe in a jar! Together for the first time! We did it!

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TMP – Father Indigo

Chad Kultgen gets the guys onto the topic of cults. Tommy Blacha and Will get into it but they also do some other stuff. No God patiently persists.

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TMP+ – Recipes with Will’s Adorable Italian Mother

A very special Ten Minute Podcast PLUS episode! Will’s adorable little cute sweet nice tiny teeny tiny sweet little cute Italian Mom makes her fourth appearance on the show and shares some recipes. Why not. Italians show love with food, so enjoy the love. She also gives her take on the U.S. presidential race. But mostly it’s recipes. Pasta and stuff. Anyway, if you make any of her dishes, please tweet a picture to @TenMinPod. That would be super sweet and she’ll see the photos.

Runtime: 00:47:52

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TMP – Donald Trump Gets Drunk

Tommy Blacha and Chad Kultgen sit in for Will and welcome back return guest, business mogul and Republican Presidential Nominee, Donald Trump. Turns out The Donald is just a regular everyday Joe just like you and me. He drinks beer and hangs out with his buddies and has a bunch of laughs just like we do because he’s a normal fella, hahaha ha. Haha.

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